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Sponsor the Hollowed Harvest!

Hollowed Harvest has become a family-friendly hallmark of Halloween in all the markets we serve. Instead of focusing on the scary-creepy part of Halloween that turns off families, we've created a unique experience that caters to those who want to indulge in the joy of Halloween without all the fright!

Companies and organizations looking to reach families with young children (0-13), young adults on dates, grandparents with grandchildren and similar audiences will find that Hollowed Harvest exists as a unique gateway to those hard to reach age groups during a time of year that is commonly restricted to age-inappropriate content for adults.

To learn more about how your organization can sponsor the Hollowed Harvest and reach our unique audiences, please complete the form below and a representative will be in touch shortly!

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touch shortly! Please be on the lookout for a phone call from our venue team.

T-Mobile Sponsors the Hollowed Harvest!

T-Mobile sponsors the Hollowed Harvest using a custom-designed light display featuring their unique branding.

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