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Weather Closures

In the event of severe weather that may cause a need for a closure at a given location, we will always update this web page to show the current status of our show locations.  In addition to updating this webpage, we will also send a text message to all ticket holders notifying them of the closure, and post to our official social media accounts. Please do not reach out to customer service to "verify" if we are open or closed as we are often inundated with those requests, and as such, we've created this page to help keep guests current on our status. In the event of severe weather, we will make the decision to close or remain open no later than 3:30PM on a given day. Please bare in mind that we are a "rain or shine" event and will not close due to light or moderate rain or wind.

Lastly, in accordance with our refund and weather policies, we do not offer refunds if we decide to cancel due to severe weather, rather, any ticket that is cancelled due to severe weather becomes automatically redeemable on any night the show is open for the remainder of the season without picking a day and/or time in advance. Simply present your ticket at the gate on a night we are open following a closure and our ticket attendants will grant you entry.

Updated Date
Marshfield, MA
Closed Oct 21 due to rain, REOPENING on Oct 22
Schenectady, NY
Open for the Season
Salem, MA
Open for the Season
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