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Work at the Hollowed Harvest!

If you're like us, you can't get enough of Halloween. That's why the only thing better than visiting the Hollowed Harvest is joining our spooky-team! Click a link below to be re-directed to available job opportunities at your local Hollowed Harvest!

On-Site Co-Manager:


Brief Job Description: The event manager is responsible for the supervision of event staff, customer service, and maintaining general event order while following the policies and practices set forth by BOLD Media corporate. The manager will be responsible for interfacing with BOLD Media's event support team to provide ongoing feedback and notifications of any issues arising in the course of the operation of the event.

To apply, click here.

Admissions/Ticketing/Support Staff:


Brief Job Description: The event support staff position is responsible for a wide range of duties throughout the course of the event. Included in your duties, you may be assigned to: 

  • Ensuring that lines getting into the event do not become overly populated at once. This includes helping guests maintain the proper social distancing guidelines as guests await their turn to get enter the event.

  • Directing visitors, and operating concessions if needed

  • Assisting with turning on displays, helping show managers maintain displays throughout the course of the event season

To apply, click here.

Pumpkin Carving Artists:

Brief Job Description:  Our Jack-O'-Lantern artists will carve intricate designs for guests and those attending the "hands-on pumpkin carving" sessions.  They are also responsible for guiding the attendees and educating them on safe carving practices.

To apply, click here.

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