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Salem, Mass.
1 Sewall St, Salem, MA 01970

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Salem's only Jack-O'-Lantern festival, known as "Hollowed Harvest: Wicked Labyrinth" returns with more magical Jack-O'-Lanterns than ever before! This show features hundreds of intricately carved Jack-O'-Lanterns that offer a new twist on the magic of the Hollowed Harvest. Please note this new version of Hollowed Harvest is a different experience than the outdoor variety.

NEW THIS YEAR - we are proud to open an entire new wing to the exhibit along with hands-on pumpkin carving where you can roll up your sleeves and get into the spirit of Halloween by carving your very own masterpiece!

Please select your ticket type!

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General Admission

Selecting this ticket option requires you to select a specific date and time slot in advance for when you plan to attend the Hollowed Harvest. This ticket level is good for 1 admission only.


Ticket Pricing

3 & under: FREE

Kids: $16

Adults: $20

VIP Admission

Selecting this ticket option allows you to attend as often as you'd like this season, on any day we are open without needing to pick a day or time in advance.

Additional benefits include:

Unlimited Visits Throughout the Season*

Free Personalized Souvenir Entry Badge**

$5 off hands-on pumpkin carving

10% off online merchandise

Ticket Pricing

3 & under: FREE

Kids: $25

Adults: $30


*One Entry per pass per day, benefits are exclusive to the named pass holder only

** Personalized entry badge provided if purchased on/before Sept 5th.

2023 Season Calendar

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