An unforgettable experience awaits!

Wherever you choose to attend the Hollowed Harvest, amazing, larger-than-life displays await you and your family! Explore just a few of our signature scenes below, and see what we have in store at your nearest Hollowed Harvest location!

Explore Ancient Egypt!

Get up close and personal with the great pyramids, pharaoh, the sphinx, egypt gods and more at our Egypt exhibit! From hieroglyphics to sarcophagi, to pyramid builders and more, we've created a one-way ticket back to ancient times in the land of the Pharaoh!  


See this scene in Buffalo, Marshfield, and Connecticut this year!


Pirate Ship and Dueling Pirates 

Arr me mateys! Search for the epic pirate ship and its sinking victim as skeleton pirates with drawn swords fight to the death for the golden treasure on treasure island!

Standing at more than 18', this scallywag vessel is the fear of pirates across the seven seas! 

See this scene in Buffalo, Marshfield, and Connecticut this year!

The 50' Sea Serpent!

Stare into the eyes of  the legendary, 50' sea serpent as he peeks from the waves of his watery domain. Standing more than 15' tall, this towering sea monster delights audiences of all ages with his beautiful coloration and sheer size!

Talk about an epic photo op!


See this scene in Buffalo, &Rochester.


Walk with the Dinosaurs

Aren't Dinosaurs are extinct? Not at the Hollowed Harvest! Marvel at the 25' tall brontosaurus, let your imagination soar with the flying pterodactyl, and be blown away by the roar of the 40', life-sized T-Rex!   

All this and MORE await at the Hollowed Harvest!

See this scene and more in Buffalo, Marshfield, Richmond.

The sinking of Titanic

Experience the final moments of the gravely wounded Titanic as it bids its final farewell to the moon drenched sky before dipping below into the cold abyss. 

Complete with lifeboats, ice bergs and more, the Titanic is a wonder once again as we bring it back to life at the Hollowed Harvest!


See this scene and more in Altamont, Hartford, and Richmond

Ready to experience the magic of the Hollowed Harvest for yourself?